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Poster: leftwinger57 Date: Oct 22, 2011 4:24am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Too faithful fan base

This kind of thing happens fairly offen now because I do think people actually do know what the difference between a good/great show is to a dog.My first post after saying hi was to point out when they're good they are the best at what they do but when they're bad they are fucking awful and there is not one person out there that can convince me otherwise.Look I've seen them 28 times from early 70s N.Y to the bay area and some points in between. I have walked out on maybe 2- shows because I just knew they were not going to get any better and I could catch a blues band in North Beach and have a better time. The slow show fanatics who say well it's the scene dude and make the best of it I say no they are a professional band that charges cash (how ever small it was)and a decent show is expected at all times.Yes the riggors of the road takes it's toll but I'm talking very local shows here that were just terrible. As it turned out I wasn't slammed for expressing this opinion of mine and I believe it was Will Tell who welcomed me w/ open arms and all knowing what Ive said is pretty much true.Me and Cliff I really don't know what happened there,I asked for a picture of the JGB playing on the ship Rainbow Warrior on the wharf and he did but with that came a rant about Greenpeace were a bunch of terrorists.All I said was that the French were testing atom bombs out in the Pacific and they decided that Greenpeace had to go so they sank the Rainbow Warrior w/ underwater bombs that did kill 2 shipmates. He's a professional fiherman why would you want any bomb testing in water anywhere?So that's my story I'm a fan of most all music and if I don't get a dose of the Dead so be it.